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A venture capital fund for today’s creative set, the builders, doers and makers of tomorrow's industry defining consumer technology and enterprise software companies.

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Our experience as founders is the foundation for the resources we provide our portfolio companies to realize their vision.

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Get to Know Us

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What We Do

We actively invest in and support founders and their companies through a collaborative, partnership-driven approach. We want to be the first investor you speak with when you are raising your first venture round. Our investment check size ranges between $250,000 – $1,500,000. We look to lead or play a meaningful role in your syndicate and reserve an equal amount of capital to support our founders as their companies evolve and grow.

What Makes Us Different

We were founders first and know the journey well. We are driven by a need to work on things that matter and look to build a meaningful relationship and collaborative partnership with the founders we invest in. Our portfolio companies benefit from access to a vast network of senior-level decision makers at the premier technology, internet, and media companies along with proprietary industry insights.


We bring with us a 20-year industry lens and market perspective built on a successful track record of founding, operating, investing-in and advising early stage companies. We apply our experience in having built multiple successful companies and roll up our sleeves to help you grow your business. We lend an empathetic ear and provide the right support when navigating the challenges that often come with being a start-up founder.


When our portfolio companies need to raise their next round of capital, we provide the playbook and introductions to the right set of tier-one venture and strategic investors so that you never knock on a cold door.

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