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A one-year program designed to provide students with access and hands on experience in the venture capital business. The Ventureship Scholars Program is a resource for talented people who might not otherwise have an opportunity to get a start in the venture capital industry. Our goal is to help you take the first step in exploring a career in venture capital. Watertower Ventureship Scholars Program highlights:

01 Access

Provide our Ventureship Scholars the opportunity to learn the venture capital business and gain an inside track on a future career in venture capital.

02 Direct Experience

Working side by side with the partners and portfolio company founders to learn the craft of venture capital.

03 Network

Build meaningful relationships with VC’s, investors, industry leaders and peers from other ventures capital funds and with start-up founders.

04 Mentorship

Establish ongoing and long-term relationships, guidance and access to the venture capital industry and local venture community.

When you graduate from our program you will have established meaningful relationships and gained hands on experience for a potential future career in the venture capital business. At the end of your one year program you will have gained the skill and created the relationships to help you discover your next opportunity be it at another venture capital fund, a tech start-up or industry leading corporation. 

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