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01 Our Guiding Principle

We’re guided by the simple principle of “do what you say you’re going to do." We hold ourselves to this high standard and partner with founders who share this belief. 

02 Founder Mentality, Start-Up Ethos

We bring a founder mentality and start-up ethos to the craft of venture capital. Like you, we are an ambitious start-up. We’re scrappy, resilient, and available 24/7.

03 We Invest in People First

We’re in the people business and we invest in people first. We invest in founders who are driven by personal and professional ambitions, deep integrity and a moral compass that aligns with the guiding principles and values of our firm.

04 In the Flow

Our brand and logo represent a two-way street that points up and to the right. We look to partner with founders open to a two-way collaborative approach and a continuous flow of information who aspire both personally and professionally for metrics that point up and to the right. 

05 Committed for the Long Term

We are there at the beginning and we are committed to the journey of building your company. We are here to support you with the resources and relationships that make a meaningful impact. We’ve got your back during the good times and we want to be the first call you make when faced with challenges.

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