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Sam Gansler


Growing up in Washington D.C., Sam was surrounded by the world of politics. Entering college, his initial plan was to pursue a career in government. However, he soon came to believe that it would be far more rewarding and exciting to make an impact through transformative technology. From that point on, Sam became infatuated with the world of startups and early-stage innovation.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Political Science, Sam joined Hyperloop One, an LA-based startup seeking to revolutionize transportation through emissions-free, autonomous mobility systems. Sam was a leader on the Business Strategy and fundraising teams and became the go-to guy for all things related to financial analysis, product economics, and the market. He was with the company as it grew from under 30 employees to over 300. Having spent over six years as an operator at a high-growth startup, Sam is now making the transition to VC, where he hopes to broaden his impact on the early-stage technology scene and help support the founders who are shaping the future of how we live and work.

Sam is currently pursuing his MBA at UCLA Anderson. In his free time, he enjoys skiing, music production, and exploring Venice Beach.

Go to App?
Shazam — I love hunting for new music.

What inspires you?
Underdog stories and perseverance.

5-year Goal?
Learn to do a handstand.

Want to improve?
Cooking — I can only make the basics.

Notable quality?
Analytical mindset and curiosity.

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