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Clarissa Bronfman


Clarissa is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She has lived most of her life in New York City and London. Surrounded by culturally diverse, rapid-paced environments and consumer markets at a young age, she developed a curiosity for innovation. Clarissa is interested in media and consumer tech, how the media and Generation Z interact with technology, and the unique ways in which the industry is evolving. Having worked as a marketing analyst at two companies, one a major conglomerate and one a start-up, she was able to compare and contrast the two environments, eventually growing her interest in the start-up world. In her free time, Clarissa loves to travel, plan events for friends, and visit furniture design shows.

Clarissa hopes to graduate with a concentration in Behavioral Economics and Marketing and is looking to immerse herself further in the start-up world post-grad.

Go to App?
Mapstr- the best traveling recs always come from friends.

What inspires you?
Independance and creativity.

5-year Goal?
Ski in Japan.

Want to improve?
My Guitar playing abilities.

Notable quality?
Collaboration and Determination.

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