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Caro Scalercio


Caro is a UCLA graduate with a degree in Economics and Global Studies. She grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has always been intrigued in how technology can provide a better living to those around her. Building off that she decided to deep dive in the technology venture community at UCLA and has previously been a member of Bruin Ventures, helping build investment thesis and understand the inner workings of startups. Caro worked at Bain&Co where she helped strategize a plan to digitize the automobile industry. Most recently she worked in Anheuser-Busch InBev helping their sustainability accelerator by supporting the startups in piloting their technology in ABI's products. Caro is now part of the Watertower Ventures team building upon her previous experiences and focused on the next generation of consumers and workers and helping young founders.

Go to App:
WhatsApp - where I connect with my family and friends back home.

What inspires you?
Continuously working hard.

5-year goal?
Visit every restaurant Anthony Bourdain has filmed at.

Want to improve?
My surfing skills… so I can take advantage of the waves in LA.

Notable quality?
Team player and grit.

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