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Maya Miro Copy


Maya is an undergraduate senior at the University of Southern California studying Business with specializations in Entrepreneurship and Computer Security. As an LA native, Maya’s entrepreneurial spirit carried her from a young age, selling everything from sneakers to jewelry and side hustling in real estate. Maya grew up deeply in tune and observant of the cultural and technological trends that shaped her world. This affinity eventually led her to venture capital and a passion for investing in founders at the cusp of these trends and changes.

Previously, Maya has worked at Fiverr and NBCU, developing go-to-market strategies for new software features and launching a Metaverse product line, respectively. Maya is looking forward to graduating in the spring and delving into the early-stage consumer investing space headfirst.

Go to App?
Plum Village, the best meditation app.

What inspires you?
Founders who are equally successful as they are humble!

5-year Goal?
Enroll in culinary school.

Want to improve?
Guitar fingerpicking skills.

Notable quality?
Growth and gratitude mindset.

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