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Christina Tsai


Christina is a first-year MBA student at UCLA Anderson. She spent the first ten years of her life in California before eventually moving to Shanghai, China. Growing up surrounded by constantly evolving and fast-paced environments, she developed a strong interest in innovation at a young age.

Feeling pulled by the buzzing tech and startup scene, Christina moved to New York after completing her BA in Communications at UC Santa Barbara. Most recently, she was a founding team member of a recruitment company that exclusively partnered with venture-backed startups across all industries and stages of growth. She worked directly with founders to understand their unique goals and teams, in order to help build out their design and marketing teams. Christina is now pursuing her MBA with the goal of joining a VC firm post-grad, to further immerse herself in the startup world and to continue helping young companies grow.

Go to App?
Spotify - my go-to for music, podcasts, guided meditations.

What inspires you?
Work ethic, grit, the ability to pursue a passion fearlessly.

5-year Goal?
To help move my mom back to the States!

Want to improve?
My patience and tolerance for LA traffic.

Notable quality?
Constantly looking to learn and grow.

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