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Brandon Porter


Brandon is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania studying in the joint program of Science, Technology, and Society. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he has a deep love for the city, a personal understanding of its startup ecosystem, and is proudly #LongLA. Brandon is enamored with the confluence of digital technologies and cultural trends, and he has worked with creators across the online media space ranging from independent YouTubers to large brands like TSM. His excitement for entrepreneurship extends back to high school, where he co-led a (still running) summer incubator program and helped two of his close friends launch a successful D2C backpack company. He further developed these skills by working remotely for an Israeli venture capital firm during the pandemic. Brandon joined the Watertower Ventures team to strengthen his knowledgebase and dedicate himself to supporting young innovators who are changing the way we work and live with technology.

Beyond work, Brandon is an expert skier (he’s always open to slalom ski race challenges!) and a podcast addict (Lex Fridman is a personal favorite). He spends a little too much time tinkering with electronics, and he is overly competitive about discovering up-and-coming YouTubers before his friends do.

Go to App?
Apollo for Reddit – by far the best Reddit UX on iOS.

What inspires you?
Watching founders self-actualizing their visions.

5-year Goal?
Getting my Instagram meme page from 10,000 followers to 1,000,000 followers.

Want to improve?
My cooking repertoire! Slowly but surely catching up to Gordon Ramsay.

Notable quality?
Open-mindedness, being able to disconnect myself as an individual from my beliefs.

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